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November 2nd

7:00 AM Pit Ticket Gate Opens (Back Pit Only) (Turn 1 Gate only For Hauler Drivers ONLY) 8:00-10:30 AM Parking Late Model Rigs Only 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Late Model Tech ONLY

1:00 PM PLM & SLM Qualifying Tire Selection (4) (BY ORDER ENTRY FORM IS RECEIVED) 2:30 – 8:00 PM Late Model Practice ONLY 30 minute sessions PLM-SLM 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM SLM Race Tire Selection (10) 9:00 PM Track Closes

November 3rd

8:00 AM Pit Gate Opens 8:30 AM Drivers Meeting Late Model & Super Truck ONLY (Mandatory) 9:30 – 10:00 AM PLM Practice ONLY (30) 10:00 – 10:40 AM SLM Practice ONLY (40) (Can Scuff RACE TIRES ONLY 10) 10:40 -10:55 AM Super Truck Practice ONLY (15) 11:00 AM – 11:25 AM 1⁄4 Mile Practice (5 Minute Sessions)

Pro Mods Legends Front Runner Pure stock LLM 11:25 AM – 11:57 AM 1⁄4 Mile Qualifying Session Begins

11:25 – 11:30 Pro Mod 11:30 – 11:35 Legends 11:40 – 11:45 Front Runner 11:45 – 11:51 Pure stock

11:51 – 11:57 LLM

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Super Truck Pre- Qualifying Tech by Groups (Tire Release First) 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM PLM Pre-Qualifying Tech by Groups (Tire Release First) 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM SLM Pre-Qualifying Tech by Groups (Tire Release First) 2:30 PM GRANDSTAND GATES OPEN 2:45 PM 1⁄4 Mile Drivers Meeting MANDATORY 3:00 PM Qualifying For Super Trucks, PLM (CARS IMPOUNDED), SLM (Tires Only Impounded)

(LOCK IN TOP 30 each) 5:15 PM Pre-Race Ceremonies Begin / National Anthem 5:30 PM Green Flag Drops

USA Motor & Machine Pro Mod (20 Laps) B.H. Holmes Construction Legends (25 Laps) Pest Doctor Front Runner (30 Laps) Redneck Nation Pure Stock (30 Laps)

Advance Auto Parts LLM (40 Laps)

*Intermission* Last Chance Races if needed (Top 4 advance) 25 Laps

Big Machine Vodka Super Trucks (50 Laps)

November 4th

9:00 AM Pit Gate Opens (Back Pit Gate Only) 9:45 AM Mandatory Late Model Drivers Meeting (No Show/Go to Rear) 10:15 AM Race Tires Released in X (SLM ONLY) Qualifying set only 11:00 – 12:30 PM Super-Late Model Cars thru tech and on grid 12:00 PM Grandstand Gates Open 1:00PM Pre-Race Ceremonies Begins/MANDATORY Driver Autograph Session/ Driver Introduction All Cars to Starting Grid – Release the Race tires. 2:00 PM

Big Machine Records Pro Late Model (100 Laps) The 34th Annual All-American 400 Super Late Models (400 Laps)



Everyone will get two timed laps. Green White Checker. Must use blend line. Once you have taken the white flag, you have an official time.  No re- qualifying.

400 Laps. You cannot lose a lap under caution. Wave lap will be the second time by side by side. The original start is at the designated line in turn 4. If you jump the start you be black flagged and sent down pit road. If we do not finish a green lap, there will be a complete restart with cars that pit or receive assistance on the rear.

Pit road speed will be 40 MPH.

Caution flag
Stay in a single line, we will tell you where you belong and if you don’t you will start at the rear. To settle position disputes we will revert to the last green lap.

All cars involved in bringing out the caution will go to the rear unless you stop to avoid the accident. In an accident stay in your car let window net down until safety workers get to you or you may be disqualified.

If you use your car as a weapon or run into another car under caution you will be parked. Rough driving and taking someone out deliberately will not be tolerated and will result in going to the rear or disqualification.

If you stop on or near the racing surface to purposely cause a caution, you will receive a 2 lap penalty. Three unassisted spins and you will be parked for the remainder of that event.


Red flag
Stop immediately. Pits are closed. When track is cleared, field will move under yellow. Pits will open for anyone. If pit stop is made under red, restart tail end of line. No working on the car on the track. No crew members allowed on the track.

All restarts will be double file. Leader will choose inside or outside. All lapped cars will move to the rear of the lead lap cars. The 1st car a lap down when the caution fell will be given a ‘free pass’ and credited with a lap. Restarts will be at the designated line in turn 4. Everyone should remain in their lane until the start-finish line. Note: No ‘free-pass’ will be given during the last 10 laps of the race or if the designated car was involved in the cause of the caution.

After the white flag is out, the next flag is the checker. If there is a problem, the yellow light will come on along with the green. Race to the finish. If the track is blocked, the red will come out and we will finish green/white/checker. (3 attempts).Top 3 finishers stop on front stretch. Driver must stay with the car and drive to scales.

Controlled pit stops will be utilized at this event, no car may lose a lap under caution while pitting, and no car will lose positions in regards to other cars that pitted under same caution period. IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO COME DOWN PIT ROAD, You may gain position if you choose to stay out on the track only if you are on the LEAD LAP

If green flag run goes 50 laps without caution, a ‘Competition Caution’ will be utilized in next 15 laps. For example, if there is a caution at lap 22 and the green is displayed again on lap 30, if no caution falls prior to lap 80, a ‘Competition Caution’ will be displayed prior to lap 95. Minimum pit open will be four laps under each caution unless declared a ‘Quickie Yellow’, which will be when a simple caution occurs within fifteen laps of the previous caution period. Max. Pit Caution will be 6 Laps

Pit assignments will be assigned based on qualifying results.

Total tires in pit area at any time are ten (10) and must only consist of qualifying/race tires.

Pit crews are not allowed on the track and drivers may use no tools while on the track to repair or adjust their cars. Total of 5 Pit Crew members over the wall during pit stops. Last 10 Laps of the Race will be green flag *Curfew Depending*

Once the pace car picks up the leader pits are closed until we complete one lap to set line up.

A flagman in turn 4 will control the “pit closed” with a red flag and “pit open” with a green flag situation. Those signals must be obeyed.

Stop ‘n’ Go Sign at the end of the pit road must be observed; those disobeying will be placed at tail of longest line.

CARS ENTERING HAULER PARKING AREA WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REJOIN RACE. If you need to work on your car, it needs to happen on pit road.

Cars leaving pit road at all times must use the blend lane. ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE A WORKING FIRE EXTINGUISHER IN THEIR PIT STALL.

Team spotters will be mandatory in Spotters’ Area. ALL Spotters will be required to monitor the Race Director via scanner during all hot track activities. The Scanner Frequency for the FGS is 451.9250 Please have your car number clearly marked on your spotter. FOUL or improper language by a spotter to any other spotter and crew member or FGS officials is NOT allowed.

Any report of such abuse will result in car being black flag and done for the event.

For any race procedure questions please contact Brad Hockaday at 863-412-4450



Saturday, October 20, 2018 – All-American 400 Open Practice for Super Late Models, Pro Late Models and local divisions. Practice will be from 12 PM – 6 PM. Pit Gates will open at 11 AM. We will use Sunday October 21st, 2018 if needed as a rain out date for the Open Practice.

Track Rental: For more questions or to book a rental please contact Claire at 615-254-1986 or


Prices are $35.00 per night with water and electric hookup. Cash or check payments are taken by security staff every evening. RESERVATIONS ARE NOT NECCESARY! WE HAVE OVER 100 CAMPING SPOTS – It’s a perfect for those wanting to set up for the entire All American 400 Weekend!

Call 615-254-1986 for your RV Parking questions. 

Main Stay Suites located at 107 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, TN 37027 returns for the 2018 season as the official hotel of Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville.

A new rate of $69.00 (plus taxes) per night, mention the “Fairgrounds Rate”.

You must contact the hotel directly, this rate not honored on website or through the reservation line. Call the hotel direct at (615) 371-8477.